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Our Distinctives

Full English curriculum and instruction
Native-speaking English teachers from the US
Inquiry-Based Education with modern teaching techniques
Preparation for schools in the US, England and commonwealth countries and throughout SE Asia.
Strong emphasis on character building
Strong emphasis on technology

Our Values

Building Godly Character

We are focused on building an intelligent and skillful generation of young people who are also reverant and devoted to improving the lives of others.

Discipline and Obedience

We believe that natural intelligence can be wasted without self-discipline and a heart that is willing to obey. We therefore seek to develop each child with intrinsic motivation.

Parental Involvement

Parents will always remain a child’s greatest teacher. We therefore require all parents to be involved in the school and participate in their child’s academic, emotional and social growth.


Our goal as a school is to make successful people who will improve society in a variety of ways.



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